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Holiday Service- Flight, Hotel, City Sightseeing, Transport, Attractions..

Holiday is our lifeline to sanity. It is a chance to step away from hustle and bustle everyday life. It reconnects with the people we love. Holiday gives us an opportunity to go back to the nature. We can discover new experiences that can be integrated into your life back home.

We provide usually customised holiday services cover from holiday planning to its end.

How we can help you for perfect holiday

Planning to go for holiday is usually taken 2/3 months before sometime a year beginning.

If you have specific place to visit, we will check all the possible ways to find the better deal for you with some options.

If you do not select the place yet, we will find out the places within your given budget.

Our services will cover the following

– Helping you to make a holiday plan.
Flight booking
– Accommodation management like Hotel booking, apartment booking
Local transport arrangement like Airport to/from Hotel
Airport Transfers

We aim to provide you a complete destination management service from starting to ending within your budget. Check with us. We will show you how much you are saving.

Our Professional Charge

We do not take any commission from any flight company or accommodation. We surrender all our deals to our customers. Customers buy at real price at real time. Instead we charge a fraction of your savings.

Tips for stress-free holidays

Planning, organising and even going on holiday can be stressful, But help is at hand.

01. Plan your trip, right down to creating custom maps for your itinerary. Where you want to go, How to go, where do stay, what will be the weather, food, local transport, attractions everything will come under this part. Make a draft & enrich it gradually to make it perfect.

02. Budget ready is must for your planned holiday

03. Excess Baggage- Airlines are cracking down on excess baggage so huge cost. So be aware of excess luggage. Know your Luggage allowance

04. Select your accommodation: Select the accommodation near to airport or City Centre or attraction place where you most days will stay

05. Plan your journey- Where ever you go like hotel to Airport, attractions please do not ignore to make a plan your journey in prior and book accordingly. Think which transport you do require, what about the fare, allow extra time for the traffic congestion and traffic incidents

06. Enjoy- The second you have shut the front door, you are on holiday, So leave your worries behind and enjoy every minute.

07. Healthy Travelling- think about the long journey time, food habit change, journey stress, carrying luggage. Keep always a bottle of water, fruit, sandwiches and sugary food. Always try to be cool, not to take any stress. Think you are in holiday.

08. Compromise- Ask everyone in the family what is on top of their to-do list. Then set an agenda, making sure that everyone has a chance to do what they would like at some stage.

09. Order currency- At present you can get the foreign currency by using cards. But strictly speaking it is wise to keep foreign currency in hand of your destination country. So buy foreign currency prior to holiday

10. Check in online- It make travel less stressful. Please do it to avoid airport queue for boarding pass. Some budget airlines charge extra for boarding pass at airport counter

11. Sort out your luggage- Check the size and weight of your bag, and any other restrictions with airlines policy.

12. Time it right- Be present at the Airport in time. Think about the high season so busy airport, new security measures so take longer time to check,

13. Be prepared for security- All electronic devices in hand luggage must be charged. If required you need to open your devices to show the security personnel at airport.

14. Share with your Friends and relatives: Share your holiday plan with your friends and relatives. Give them your contact details so that they are full of aware where you are.

15. Safety and medical arrangement- It is advisable to get information about the emergency services of your destination country.

At last wish you have a safe and happy holiday

You can visit our premises or phone us. You can also send message using contact form or directly for details.

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