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Money Transfer sending remittance Western Union MoneyGram RIA Xpress Money

Agent for Western Union RIA MoneyGram and Xpress Money Transfer

ABMwimbledon is a successful agent for Western Union RIA MoneyGram and Xpress money Transfer in Wimbledon, London. These four are the Top Global Money Remittance companies in the world. Though we are a Money Sending agent of Wimbledon, We cover Morden Mitcham Tooting Colliers Wood Sutton Croydon i.e. all London area. We proud to serve the community by sending their hard earned money to their loved ones with safe and security in the fastest way.

Money Transfer Agent for Western Union, RIA, MoneyGram and Xpress Money. Sending Money to Worldwide in Minute. Receiving Money in Minute just after sending Money. CCTV and Alarm system protected area

Why you choose ABM Wimbledon

1) We are a successful agent of Western Union RIA MoneyGram and Xpress Money. These names are a synonym for trust.

2) We are regulated by Government Financial Body FCA so to follow specific rules and procedures strictly. It ensures safety and security of our customers and their money.

3) Money Transfer in minutes. Also receiving money in minute just after sending money.

4) Worldwide Network- 500,000 Agents locations in more than 200 countries and territories.

5) Fast Reliable and convenient ways to remit money. Use innovative state of the art technology.

6) 160 years of worldwide money sending experience.

7) Sending money via Bank Transfer and Cash Pick up in a Minute,

8) Competitive Exchange Rate and low Money Transfer Fees.

9) Tracking is easy. You will be given Order or Tracking Number with web link to know the status of your remitted money

10) Our premises is well protected with CCTV and Alarm system

How to send Money

Sending money with us is simple to follow.

– Give us your phone number if you are an existing customer. We will find your details out from the system. Then it will take 2-5 minutes.

– A simple form will be given to new customer to fill up with basic information. It takes a bit longer 5-10 minute. We need your full name, residential address, telephone number and date of birth.

– You need to select what kind of transfer service you would like to take Cash Pick-Up/Money in Minutes, Bank Transfer etc.

– We only accept cash amount and physical presence of the person who is going to send money. No cards and telephone transfer is to accept. We expect a good cooperation from our valued customers for safe and secured sending of their hard earned money. We have the right to decline any doubtful money transfer request.

After completing the transaction you will be given a receipt including a Order number or Tracking number. Save your receipt with the tracking number. It is required for receiving money by the recipient

How much you can Send

You can send up to 600/750 GBP in a month with no Id.

Above this amount, you need Government issued photo identification. For bigger amount remittance, you need an additional document like Proof of Home Address, Declaration Form, Proof of source of the funds.

Residency status and the amount of the money transfer determine Identification requirements. For UK residents, a passport or driving license with photo is valid. EU residents can present a passport or European ID card. Other non EU residents must present a passport.

How long does it take to send money online?

Cash Pick up or Money in minutes:
Receivers can pick up cash within 15 minute after the order is made

Bank Transfer:
If you send money to a bank account, your money is generally available within a day.

Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on transaction conditions, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional restrictions may apply

Please visit the specific page of Money Transfer Company to know more about them. Western Union Money Transfer, RIA Money Transfer

We request you to contact with the money transfer companies directly if there is anything you want to know more or you have a problem sending money abroad.

Western Union – Customer Service: 0800 833 833
RIA Money – Customer Service: 0845 600 8537
MoneyGram – Customer Service: 0800 026 0535

When you contact with anybody related, please supply them Money Order Reference number (no PIN). Your beneficiary only need to know PIN number.

How do you find us?

We are a local Money Transfer Agent in Wimbledon. We are 1 minute walk away from South Wimbledon Tube Station in the middle of TESCO, Sainsbury and KwikFit. You can contact us over phone or by sending email.

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